Selling or Pawning Your Unwanted Gold Jewelry

We all have those gold jewelry pieces lying around that were once must-have items. However, times and trends change, and items that were once coveted may have found a new spot at the bottom of your jewelry box. But why just let them sit around and collect dust? Instead, consider our services here at UltraPawn and get a little bit of extra spending cash in your pocket!

Get Your Estimate

When dealing with an online pawn shop like UltraPawn, you can take comfort in knowing you’ll always have an estimate before sending your item to us. We’ll provide you with a prompt appraisal of your item, and you can even submit photos and details to us electronically. Once we’ve reviewed it, we’ll give you a figure. Our cash for gold prices among the best you will find, and we’re willing to meet or beat other offers you’ve been presented.

Send Your Item

Whether you choose to pawn or sell, cash for gold transactions will always require you to send your item to us. We provide free and fully insured shipping, so there’s no cost out of your pocket or risk on your end. Just pop your item in the mail and you’ll be receiving your final contract email shortly thereafter.

Payment Options

UltraPawn also provides our customers with three convenient payment options. Whether you would like a check sent directly to you, the money wired to your account, or you’d like to receive the funds on a prepaid debit card – we have something that will work for you.