Newlywed Finances: Keep the Sparks Where They Belong

- Wednesday, November 28, 2012
By Laura Andrews

Nothing kills the buzz joy of marital bliss more than two mismatched money management styles.  It doesn’t matter how hot and steamy the two of you were under the sheets on your honeymoon.   It doesn’t matter that you thought of his and her closets and bathrooms for compatibility. It doesn’t matter that you designed a mother-in-law suite in the basement.  When you settle in together and one of you buys a pool table with money the other intended for a new kitchen, sparks are going to fly, and not where the fires should be burning down below.

So how does one keep the fires under control, and flaming in the right areas? 

Newlywed-marital sparks were meant to ignite below the waist line.  Yet, one neglected financial move, and the sparks start to flow up through the body gaining strength as they progress up through the chest area without taking a breath into the throat and finally burst out of the mouth like spitfire bombs aimed directly and only at you?

The answer to controlling the damage of a burning flame is simple.  Ask any fireman how to leave a room on fire and his first instinct will be to look for an alternative opening or exit to escape.  By opening up not one, not two, but three checking accounts; you have increased your exiting choices, in cases of emergency.

Second marriages come with children labeled, mine and ours and people today accept it as the norm.  The same concept should apply with newlyweds in the financial area.  Open up an “ours” joint account to cover the monthly household bills, the rent, the utilities, the food.  Here, both parties put in a monthly percentage of their income to ensure a compatible, harmonic environment, knowing food and shelter will always be met.  Then the remaining difference goes into personal (his and her) bank accounts to be used at one’s own discretion.  It’s the basis for a stress-free environment that prolongs sexual desire amongst couples for years to come.

This way when hubby wants to buy a golf club and wifey wants to buy designer shoes, no permission is needed and no guilt is felt upon purchasing, one simply cuts a check or swipes the debit card from their own personal stash.  Budgets remain in tact, independence still thrives and consumer spending keeps the world afloat.  Life is good!

And later that night embracing the effects of a retail spending high, while feeling the sizzling steam coming off the sheets, the two of you smile knowing you decided to be neither solo or jointly connected.  Yes, you chose life on your own terms when you decided to be financially-independently coupled!  And the sex, well, that’s just one type of interest that comes into play when making sound financial decisions. 

Enjoy your financial marital bliss and watch your interest grow.

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