Buy Smart: 3 Things to Consider Before Upgrading Your Golf Gear

Kelly Moltzen - Thursday, January 31, 2013

By George Souri, UltraPawn CEO

The role of new equipment and technology is an increasingly prominent part of the modern golf discussion. Every year, manufacturers bring out new products, boasting an increasing number of improvements designed to help your game. But new equipment isn’t cheap. The amateur golfer is therefore left with the question of whether the benefits of buying new equipment justify the expense. Here are some things to consider.

Know your game first: At base, no amount of technological innovation is going to significantly help an inconsistent swing. If you hit the ball 30 yards further but end up in the tress half the time, you haven’t improved your game. Therefore, while the new equipment might potentially provide benefits to your game, these benefits will not result in better scores unless your fundamentals are sound. That said, visiting a golf center that offers video and data collection before buying new equipment will help you determine if your swing is consistent enough to benefit from the new gear.

Use the value of your existing equipment: Paying $400 for a new driver a year after you paid $400 for your current driver is a lot less painful if you can sell or trade in your current driver for $100-$200. If you really want some new gear but are worried about price, look into getting some value for your current gear by trading it in or selling it.

Get fit by a reputable club fitter: Before buying new equipment, you should definitely get a fitting from a reputable club fitter (don’t go to the local golf megastore!). You may find out that your current equipment will give you the performance you want with a few fitting adjustments. On the other end of the spectrum, new equipment that isn’t properly fitted to your body and swing will not give you the most bang for your buck. In any event, make your decision based on the data, and not simply the promises put forward in advertising. 

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